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Jan 22, 2020

When producing my CD, Songs for the Caregiver,   I knew this song, What Can Wash Away My Sin,  needed to be included.

Gracie recorded this in our kitchen. Our longtime friend from college (and Grammy winning music engineer) Chris Latham came to the house and set up microphones at our piano and ran a line into the kitchen where Gracie sat in her wheelchair.  We were all a bit nervous for her, because of the numerous times she's been intubated following a series of surgeries.

During those surgeries, she nearly died several times and we feared the worst ...and no one thought she'd sing again. 

She recorded this LIVE to track.  That means, no do-overs, no punches, no inserts.

Without her prosthetic legs on, she sat in her wheelchair with our dog, Mack beside her, and sang this from the heart. 

It was all I could do keep playing while at the piano.  Chris and I looked at each other afterwards, and with tears coming down his face, he said, "Those who can" 

Gracie's talent, and more importantly ...her conviction, equipped her to soar above her challenges and sing this song in such a powerful way. 

I included this performance on the CD, SONGS FOR THE CAREGIVER (Which you can stream or download at all music sites) ...because I felt the message of this hymn would resonate deeply with fellow caregivers. 

When the craziness, trauma, and grief floods over us, we steady ourselves by anchoring our hearts and minds into the reality of what Christ's sacrifice means ...and has accomplished for us.  

What can wash away my sin?Nothing but the blood of Jesus;What can make me whole again?Nothing but the blood of Jesus.   Oh! precious is the flowThat makes me white as snow;No other fount I know,  Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

This is all my hope and peace—Nothing but the blood of Jesus!This is all my righteousness—Nothing but the blood of Jesus!



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