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Apr 25, 2014

Some of the most expensive real estate in the world is the peace of mind you are trying to gain as a caregiver.In probably the best monologue by Peter to date, this short clips gets right to the heart of the challenges and hope for today's caregivers.

Apr 22, 2014

How would you like:  

  • Nationwide and unlimited access to a board certified MD 24/7  …365 days per year?
  • a medical negotiator to help you negotiate down hospital bills, surgery bills, and even VET bills for your animals?
  • access to get lab work done once a year at no additional costs?
  • to be able to send a picture to...

Apr 22, 2014

Sometimes, when not knowing what to say, people will say things that cut a caregiver to the core.  On the show today is special guest, Cindy Laverty, who wrote:  11 things NOT to say to a caregiver.Often called the "fairy godmother" of caregivers, you will love her tender heart and practical help for...

Apr 22, 2014

It's not as easy as you think to push a wheelchair!  Along with an Easter message, a throw back to one of the great founding groups of today's Christian music, this clip offers caregivers tips learned from pushing Gracie in a wheelchair for three decades.

See The Light ...Literally.

Apr 15, 2014

Ming Wang, MD, PhD, joins the show to discuss eye care for aging parents and caregivers.  Dr. Wang, a leading ophthalmology and lasik expert also shares about the Wang Foundation and how his story is played out in the new film, God is Not Dead. Help Standing With Hope continue providing these podcasts for free as well...