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Aug 27, 2019

 Excerpt from HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER on American Family Radio: 8/24/2019

It’s starting to dawn on a lot of us …some of who are newer to this, not so much, but a lot of us have that realization, “Man, this thing is not going to have the happy ending, it's not going to have the happy ending that we want, it's not...

Aug 21, 2019


Alright, we're talking about resentment today, and a lot of folks deal with this issue. It is a brutal issue that affects caregivers; it cripples us; it really does.

A lot of people think if I could just get so-and-so to stop acting this way, then I can be okay, and it's all going to be good. But the...

Aug 20, 2019

On 9/1/19, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER expands to the Family Talk Channel (131) on Sirius XM.

Sundays (starting 9/1/19) at 6 PM Eastern, we will be LIVE!  

In addition, we're live each Saturday morning at 8 AM Eastern on American Family Radio. 

Our mission is simple:  We're going to point family caregivers to...

Aug 13, 2019

Portion of HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER Monologue 8/10


"...The whole point of this is to speak clarity to a caregiver so that we're not floundering around wondering, you know, where do we go next? What do we do? What's going on? And I go back to this whole thing with gun safety.

 I think a lot of people rush to push their...

Aug 10, 2019

Statistically speaking, someone orbiting an impaired or hate-filled individual attends a church, temple, or mosque. Rather than waiting and debating over what to do, can we not appeal to our clergy who collectively interact and influence a massive number of citizens?

While politicians and pundits speak to and from green...