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Sep 18, 2021

Chapter 39 from My Book HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER is titled,. "They're Going To Fall."  This is an excerpt from the audio book. 

Following Gracie's recent fall, broken leg, and surgery, I had to remind myself of this. These are heartbreaking events and it's easy to slip into dark places. 

I had to go back and read my own...

Sep 14, 2021

On the national broadcast recently, we discussed the hymn, ONLY TRUST HIM it relates to us a caregivers. Unpacking this, I discussed my hardest challenge as a caregiver, and why this song connects to me. 

Hope for the Caregiver is the family caregiver outreach of Standing With Hope. Please consider  helping us...

Sep 11, 2021

Whether it's a nation picking up the pieces following the attacks of 9/11 or individuals and families struggling with heartbreaking challenges - It's hard to know what to say when we see sorrow, and tragedy.

After the attacks of 9/11, I struggled with to process the devastation. Sitting at the piano, I wrote this song....

Sep 7, 2021

Sometimes, we fail to consider the soberness of forgiveness. We may  feel pressure from others to forgive and forget - all too quickly.

Respecting the trauma we endure - and often cause - allows for greater healing in our lives and hopefully in our relationships. Forgiveness is intentional and deserves...

A Tree Service and "Something Beautiful"

Aug 29, 2021

While in college, I worked for a music star in Nashville who had a long driveway lined with beautiful trees. A tree service was called to trim them, and the results were not what the star expected.


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