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Jun 20, 2021

For some caregivers, Father's Day can be complicated.  For other caregivers, it can be painful.

In this special broadcast we discussed fathers, faith, and our ultimate Father. 

Jun 16, 2021

From our broadcast on June 12, 2021.  Can we as caregivers cultivate gratitude in our lives regardless of our loved one condition(s)? 

“Gratitude is not only greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Jun 14, 2021

FieldsOfGrace.jpgAuthor (and caregiver) Cara Whitney (wife of Dan Whitney - AKA LARRY THE CABLE GUY) discusses her deep faith and lessons she learns around her farm about herself, God's love, and sharing her...

Jun 9, 2021

Do you ever feel that God has forgotten you or forgotten to be gracious to you?  If so, you're in good company.

In this episode from our radio show, I discussed a hymn and psalm that guides us on answering the anguish and despair in our hearts.  

O God, our help in ages past, Our hope for years to come, Our shelter from...

Jun 7, 2021

The Art of Choice: Making Changes that Count in Work and Life offers lessons from business leaders, along with keys for gaining perspective, experiencing clarity, and achieving results whether you are starting out in your career, facing a major life decision, or nearing retirement.  Author Terry Warren is passionate...