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Jan 29, 2022

A friend shared this simple task to do when it feels like everything is flying apart. 

I'm trying it today - and invite you to do the same. 

Jan 25, 2022

A Bowl of Soup and a Kind Word

During a challenging hospital stay for my wife, friends called and asked me to stop by their home. After doing laundry, I swung by their house while returning to the hospital. Smiling at the puzzled look on my face, they directed me to the kitchen table, where a single place setting...

Jan 22, 2022

From our national broadcast (1/15/2022)

Jan 20, 2022

Healthiness In Your Hands

The neediness of an infirmed loved one frequently obscures a caregiver's fatigue, stress, and dangerous health patterns. Moreover, even if noticing the caregiver's exhaustion and strain, the warning signs can often go unheeded. Usually armed only with love and a sense of responsibility,...

Jan 18, 2022

When storms loom, media outlets often show footage of people placing plywood on homes and businesses and hunkering down. Caregiving is its own storm. Although sometimes receiving advance notice, caregiving can often descend like a tornado – and last a lifetime. If cameras followed caregivers, many' daily...