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Feb 27, 2022

Hope for the Caregiver airs each week on 220+ signals. This show first aired on 2/26/2022.

Today's show features an opening monologue about Caregiving versus Caregiver. Also, a surgeon caught me by surprise with this question. Later on in the program, a special interview with one of the founders of crowd funders GIVE...

Feb 26, 2022


The morning of the most extensive surgery my wife's ever faced, we both felt (understandably) a bit nervous. Sitting in the pre-op area, I observed a flurry of medical staff work efficiently to prepare Gracie for what would be a 9-hour surgery – and her 82nd operation (that I can...

Feb 23, 2022

The stress and heartache has GOT to go someplace - how do you process it out as a caregiver? 

From our broadcast 2/19/2022.  Plus a song from Gracie. 

Feb 20, 2022

From our national broadcast 2/19/2022. Updates, News, and an easy chorus for caregivers to remember. 

Feb 18, 2022

The morning of Gracie's recent surgery in Denver, I called a Lyft ride (like I've done for years!). We'd had a lot of snow and ice, and I opened the door to the car - only to have part of the trim that was frozen to the car come off. I picked it up and put it in the car- and then he took me to the hospital where Gracie...