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Apr 15, 2019

According to every study I’ve seen, the aging and mortality rate is still locked in at 100%. Yet, with all that certainty …we caregivers often shy away from the conversation about death and what to do about the funeral. In light of that, we reached out to the National Funeral Directors Association for some help in starting the conversation. 

Randy Anderson from the NFDA joined our show to discuss this challenging topic. Bringing compassion and an easy-going conversation style, sitting down with Randy is like having a cup of coffee with a friend.  

Meaningful funerals don’t come without planning. We’ll plan weddings for months, but often cram planning a funeral service into a few hours.  Randy recommends sitting down with a NFDA member and “…have the talk of a lifetime.”

Also, before having the conversation, visit this site for a for an easy checklist and planning guide.

Also, for information on Randy Anderson's funeral homes in Alexandria City, AL please visit their websites. Even if your family is not in his area, check out their great sites to see what to look for in YOUR area.