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Aug 20, 2019

On 9/1/19, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER expands to the Family Talk Channel (131) on Sirius XM.

Sundays (starting 9/1/19) at 6 PM Eastern, we will be LIVE!  

In addition, we're live each Saturday morning at 8 AM Eastern on American Family Radio. 

Our mission is simple:  We're going to point family caregivers to safety. 

Drawing upon more than three decades of experience, a whole lot of mistakes (I am the "crash-test dummy of caregivers"), and a goofy sense of humor, we're going to strengthen fellow caregivers weary heart at a time!

Gracie asked if she could record one of our promos.  What do you think?

The podcast will still be available and free, so make sure you follow/subscribe

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