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Apr 22, 2014

How would you like:  

  • Nationwide and unlimited access to a board certified MD 24/7  …365 days per year?
  • a medical negotiator to help you negotiate down hospital bills, surgery bills, and even VET bills for your animals?
  • access to get lab work done once a year at no additional costs?
  • to be able to send a picture to your doc, or even video chat?
  • A prescription discount card
  • have a transcript of your calls emailed to you?

What if I told you all of this was available for $24.95 per month …and it would cover your spouse and children as well?

Amazing isn’t it!?  Well, it sold me.

Look, I know health care …and if you read my story, you will KNOW that I know health care.  Do yourself a favor and do what I and millions more are doing ….sign up for Connect 2 Docs TODAY!

No more visits to the urgent care clinic for flu, sinus infection, rashes, or other medical issues that 

simply require a consult and possibly a prescription.  I can’t schedule getting sick during business hours …and even if I do, taking time to go to the doctor for simple things just is a pain.

Here’s the link:  Check it out!

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