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Aug 15, 2017

For more than twenty years, Elizabeth Moss, CEO of Caregivers By WholeCare, has provided exceptional care to families in Middle Tennessee.  With her background as a nurse, Elizabeth understands first hand from a professional viewpoint the need.  From her own journey, she understands the personal need for quality caregivers to help families in need. A champion for families facing difficulties in caring for aging parents or loved ones with special needs, Elizabeth and Caregivers By WholeCare bring a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of any caregiving situation.  From skilled care to companion care, they serve a lengthy list of families in the Middle Tennessee area —including mine.----more----

Noticing The Need

Years ago while working at a residential facility, Elizabeth noticed that patients were not as engaged—to their detriment.  Without proper activities and stimulation, patients' sense of purpose diminished.

There was opportunity to provide a more holistic model of care—meaning to engage the residents.  To provide more activities and to stimulate them. When we're doing things we're passionate about and we enjoy, and we're stimulated and engaged, then we have purpose." —Elizabeth Moss, Caregivers By WholeCare A Comprehensive List of Services

From transportation to technology, Caregivers By WholeCare provides a comprehensive list of services.  They've through it through, so families in crises don't have to.  For more than four years, Caregivers By WholeCare has sponsored my show, and I am most grateful. But, that gratitude isn't only for their participation in my radio show, they also help me care for Gracie.

I trust them with my life.  I trust them with my wife.