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Jun 29, 2018

Summer means excessive heat, and we're all vulnerable to dehydration. In our regular feature TODAY'S SENIOR MOMENT, we have the simple reminder to Drink. After a buddy of mine in South Carolina spent the night in the hospital from dehydration two weeks ago, I was once again reminded of how important it is for us...

Jun 27, 2018

The challenges of dementia don't simply stop at forgetfulness. Virtually every area of a dementia patient's life feels the impact of this heartbreaking condition—including eating. Due to dementia, mealtimes that once served as a time of fellowship for families, instead become flash points for frustration...

Jun 18, 2018

As a rule, I am intrigued by any political figure serving as a caregiver. Joseph Williams, however, caught my eye more than most.  He's the husband of a wife who lives with a disability as a result of a car accident, and they're the parents of two boys.

Since I am the husband of a wife with severe disabilities from...

Jun 11, 2018

Show Features:

Caregiver Tip of the Day:  "Protect Your Treasure"

Today's Senior Moment:   "What's the Next Action Step"

Monologue: Caregivers and Medically Assisted Death.

Standing With Hope

Jun 11, 2018

Jeff Foxworthy called the show and we riffed on a few, "YOU MIGHT BE A CAREGIVER IF ..." Jokes.

Take a listen and see if any resonate with you!