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Apr 25, 2017

Show Guest Shares Tips for Caregivers and Dementia Patients

Sheila Welch called the show to share about a recent Caregiver conference at Due West United Methodist Church (DWUMC) in Marietta, GA.

The Coordinator of DWUMC Caregivers' Ministrand a  Family Support Group Facilitator, Sheila is also a Certified Trainer...

Apr 16, 2017

Kim Campbell, wife of iconic star, Glen Cambell, joined us on the show to share her journey with Glen and Alzheimer's disease.  From isolation to loss of identity the challenges of a tiny woman with a large husband with dementia, Kim opened her heart and gave us a glimpse into the challenges of caring for a...

Apr 10, 2017

Superstar comedian, Jeff Foxworthy, called the show to celebrate our 200th episode.  Sharing his own journey as a caregiver, he also voiced his support for fellow caregivers and affirmed his love of our show.

Wrapping it up, we couldn't resit riffing on a few "YOU MIGHT BE A CAREGIVER IF ..." lines.

Showing his heart,...