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Jan 30, 2021

As Caregivers, we certainly live with heartbreaking circumstances, but is there joy ...and even laughter?  Now in my my 35th year as a caregiver, I don't think Gracie and I could do this without keeping a sense of humor. In today's show, we talk about that, play a few hymns, and take a lot of calls.

Jan 28, 2021

These were words to Gracie from a psychiatrist friend of mine who saw me staying around the clock at the hospital and turning into a zombie. 

As caregivers, we tend to be tough, capable, and innovative. But just because we CAN do something, doesn't always mean we SHOULD do it. 

Jan 26, 2021

In this podcast episode, John and I discussed a music theory principle and how it connects to caregivers. 

Jan 25, 2021

Back in the mid 1800's a blind minister wrote an amazing lyric that became one of the most beloved hymns of all time. This episode, from our 1/21/2021 broadcast, features that hymn well as callers sharing their stories, fears, and triumphs. 

I included this hymn on my CD, Songs for the Caregiver, and you can...

Jan 23, 2021

Paula from OK called to share her frustration and guilt for not finding a good church home during the COVID-19. Paula's got quite a story and she is VASTLY different than she was when she first called the show nearly two years ago. 

Take a listen to her exuberance (and me teasing her for calling me "DAN").

I sent her to...