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Aug 13, 2015

Part of my journey as a caregiver is taking care of myself physically.  On the show, in my book, and in live events, I regularly stress the need for each caregiver to see to their physical, emotional, fiscal, professional, and spiritual needs.As I enter my 30th year as a caregiver, I clearly understand that I'm not much good to Gracie if any of those areas are out of balance.Healthy caregivers make better caregivers.   With all that in mind, I'm thrilled to share that I recently earned my Black Belt in Hap Kido.  A Korean self-defense art, Hap Kido has been a wonderful physical outlet for me, and has had a ripple effect into other parts of my life.  Breathing and self control are big parts of martial arts, and those two things dynamically affect me in the day to day stress of caregiving.