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Dec 15, 2014

Guest:  Dr. Mike Courtney giving special tips to deal with stress for caregivers ( and even for non-caregivers) during the holidays. Visit  for a special discount on the book. Enter coupon code:  PETER

Dec 8, 2014

You ever have someone come up to you and either brashly tell you why you are dealing with hard times ...or even try to speculate what God is doing? If not, wait'll happen. It's not what we DON'T know's what we DO know.Visit  for a special discount on the book. Enter coupon code:...

Dec 5, 2014

Have you ever heard the phrase, "We're getting there ...we're getting there?For caregivers, there is often "No 'there' to get!"Visit  for a special discount on the book. Enter coupon code:  PETER

Nov 10, 2014

Special interview for Veterans' Day with Oak Ridge Boys' Joe Bonsall about his parents chronicled in his book, GI Joe and Lillie. It's extraordinary story of an American family.

Nov 3, 2014

Easy (and CHEAP) tips for making your home more accessible for disabled/loved ones for the holidays. 

  • 1.        Rent a ramp
  • 2.       Chairs as Road Cones!
  • 3.       Area Rugs/Bathroom Rugs

 If they can’t get into your home …what good is it to go to all the trouble of cooking dinner for them?

These and more simple...