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Jul 25, 2018

From YOUR CAREGIVER MINUTE with Peter Rosenberger

Struggling with her husband’s significant medical issues, a woman I know was worn paper-thin, only to have her car break down. In addition to all the other burdens she carries, transportation has now soared to the top of the list.  Finally working up the courage to ask someone in her church for help, her plea was met with compassion, an offer to pray—and an offer to bring a meal. 

Awkwardly, she replied, “I really want your prayer, and I appreciate the thought of the meal …but I really need the car fixed!

For caregiver, it’s takes courage to ask for the specific need.  There’s always that fear of being rejected and feeling ashamed.  There is no shame having a need.  Asking for help is a sign of wisdom.  For non-caregivers, be sensitive to that caregiving wife particularly. 

Let’s be a little more insightful and ask specially about the car, the appliances, the home.  Remember, you can’t drive a Tuna-Casserole to Work.  Praying —and meals for folks who suffer and those who care for them— is wonderful but dig deeper to see if you can do more than be a tuna-noodle helper.