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May 14, 2024

My friend once jokingly called me "America's Caregiver," and while it seemed over-the-top, the concept stuck with me.

As I watch our nation grapple with profound challenges—such as the porous southern border leading to illegal immigration, our staggering national debt, and a growing disconnect from what it means to be American—I can't help but draw parallels between the principles that sustain family caregivers and those that could fortify our entire nation.

In this episode, we explore how those fundamental principles that guide family caregivers can be applied to address these critical issues.

Consider the principle of boundaries: just as caregivers must maintain healthy boundaries in every relationship, does that concept translate to illegal immigration effectively while upholding our values of compassion and security?

Or take finances: Caregivers face immense financial challenges, and budgets become paramount in our lives. Likewise, America must confront its national debt with determination and long-term planning to secure our economic future.

Lastly, the concept of American identity: caregivers understand how easy it is to lose one's identity. Similarly, our nation now grapples with what it truly means to be American.

Join me as we delve into specific strategies and actionable insights that can empower us to navigate these pressing challenges and equip our nation to become healthier. Just like healthy caregivers make better caregivers, healthy nations make better nations.