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May 21, 2022

I like to talk with fellow caregivers who keep working and doing what brings oxygen to their souls - while caregiving. Such is the case with award-winning novelist Ethan Burroughs. Back with another geopolitical thriller, Burroughs draws upon his extensive career in the middle east to reveal things that will astonish and captivate readers from the West - particularly those struggling to understand today's headlines and the extensive turmoil in the Middle East.

Lifelong friend and a fellow South Carolinian, I asked Ethan to join me on the program and share his incredible books and his extensive grasp of Middle Eastern history and culture. Captivated by his books, I asked him, "Which parts are fiction and which are true?" 

His frank answer, "The Terrifying Parts Are True!" 

Ethan T. Burroughs has dedicated much of the last two decades to exploring the Middle East and slowly unraveling its mysteries. His encounters have taken him to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, and the Palestinian Territories. He has studied the history, faith, cuisine, language, and culture of the lands which continue to grab our headlines as we search for an elusive peace. He has enjoyed spending significant time with characters similar to those depicted in this account, including our unsung patriots in the Departments of State and Defense. He is a U.S. Army veteran, former teacher, healthcare, business, political consultant, and aspiring storyteller.