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Jul 30, 2018

Author/Speaker Jackie Shepherd call Hope for the Caregiver to share her journey in taking control of her body and health.  She also drew on her decades of experience to offer cautionary tips regarding health products and nutriceuticals. 

Jackie's book, Silent Takeover:  How the Body Hijacks the Mind , reflects he 50 year mission to understand the body's influence over the mind. 

A year ago, I sat down with Jackie and we discussed my own health journey.  For more than a year, I followed Jackie's counsel and particpated in her program.  At 55, I now take no prescriptions and my blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides have all lowered. 

I can only speak for myself, but Jackie's exhaustive work convinced me that to step up my game.  One of the big pushes we have on HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER is for family caregivers to agressively take control of their own health.  Jackie provides strong leadership and practical help towards healthiness ...and Healthy Caregivers, make BETTER Caregivers. 

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Here's information on Jackie's book: 

Do you feel like depression, anxiety, or addiction have hijacked your life? Mental and emotional disorders impact every part of society—and disrupt life for even the most spiritually devout, intelligent and respected people. Unfortunately, many who suffer from these devastating disorders seek healing through costly, and sometimes harmful, counseling and medications—measures which may bring temporary relief but do not fully correct the underlying problem. 

Jacquelyn Sheppard exposes the vital connection between your body, mind, and spirit—and gives you practical tools to:

  • understand the connection between your mind and body and discover root causes for such illnesses as depression, addiction, bipolar disorder, OCD, and others.
  • identify the life cycles of each disorder —prenatal, childhood, adolescence and adulthood— so you can overcome each cycle using the right tools.  
  • gain practical “know-how” to effectively combat these disorders through life-giving steps of health transformation.

Silent Takeover delivers ancient wisdom, accessible science, simple nutrition, and life experience while providing a clear blueprint to help you pioneer a new life.