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Mar 13, 2017

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One of the best resources for ME a caregiver, has been Reliable Mobile Labs.  Like clockwork, Reliable Mobile Labs send a technician to our home to draw blood from Gracie.  She has to have regular lab work, and I used to have to help her get her prosthetic legs on, drive her to the lab ...wait there ...and then fight Nashville traffic to get her home.  She was exhausted ...just from all of that. 

Now, Reliable Mobile Labs personnel come out early in the morning (so that the results can be coordindated with her doctor on the same day).

Often times, Gracie doesn't even wake up ...and they are done within ten minutes. 

If your loved one requires regular lab work, ask your doctor if this option is available to you.  It's not just for the patient HELPS THE CAREGIVER!