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Apr 21, 2020

Children often ask the best questions. When only 9-years-old, our oldest son asked me, "How can I trust God to care about my hurts when I see what He allows Mom to go through?"

For a lifetime, Paul Young wrestled with that kind of question and more. That journey led him to write the hugely popular book, "THE SHACK." The question "is God Good?" serves as the centerpiece for nearly everything he does in his writing and speaking. 

That's why I invited him to call the show and talk about this the world tries to wrap it's collective mind around the concept of a good and loving God in the midst of the COVID-19 virus. 

At the end of the interview, Paul quoted this poem and we felt the whole poem should be included in this podcast.  

Healthy Caregivers Make Better Caregivers, and part of being healthy is trusting the goodness of God...even when faced with heartbreaking loss and challenges.


'Kind of Way'

April 2019


I know that you know.

So I should probably confess it.

Not because it's a bad thing.

But because it's normal

and necessary to admit

you've disappointed me

and continue to.

Although I don't mind as much



Still, there were many times

I prayed.

Followed the rules.

Gave my two mites.

Did all the things I was told would work

and others certified

with charismatic conviction

to do more

give more

faith more

sacrifice more

lots more.


But still, nothing.

No breakthrough

like I believed

like I prayed for.


I underestimated you.

I wanted to believe

you were containable


and reliable

in the 'my way' kind of way.

The magician


slot machine

deal maker

earth shaker


kind of way.


Then I recalled

that on a dark but necessary day

you took yourself

and my kind of way

and the cosmos

to a cross.


Then you went missing for three days.

And my world fell apart.


All my hope exhaled a forsaken surrender,

and my heart broke

and my dreams broke.

My kind of way

kind of died



And there you were

alive and the same

but not really.

A resurrected form of you

that even took familiar friends

by surprise.


And that's what you keep doing.

To this day

you keep failing and disappointing me

in the best kind of ways.


Every time I think I've got you

where I think I need you

you disappoint and disappear

and turn up incognito

on a familiar path

at a regular meal

in an average garden

with a spark in your eye

that demands my attention.

You invite me again

to put my hand in your side

embrace you and kiss you

and get to know you again

in a new kind of way.