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Nov 16, 2015

Introducing a seldom discussed topic:  PARKINSON'S Disease Psychosis.  Joining the show is Diane from Southern California who shares her journey with her husband who suffers from Parkinson's and experiences psychosis, as well.Also joining the discussion is Daniel Claassen, MD, a neurologist from Vanderbilt University. The Peter Rosenberger Show is sponsored by Standing With Hope, Inc.  a 501 (c) 3 organization.  In 2012, Standing With Hope launched an outreach to caregivers of disabled, elderly, or chronically-ill loved ones.  This program is also deeply personal to Gracie and Peter Rosenberger.  Peter, who has served as the caregiver for Gracie for 30 years, draws upon his lifetime of experience to offer a lifeline to those struggling to care for vulnerable loved one.Your tax deductible gift can help support this work today and help reach caregivers with practical help and point them to Christ.The new book by Peter Rosenberger HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER