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Jun 11, 2017

"My Mom has Alzheimer's and has lost 95% of her speech."

Opening her heart, Liz Hernandez took a break from her TV life and shared her family's personal experiences as caregivers.  Calling the show, the Access Hollywood reporter discussed caring for her mother with Alzheimer's disease. After the diagnosis, Liz didn't speak about it in public for nearly a year.  "Again, the way I was brought up, it was that you handled your family's problem within your family."  Liz also added, "You're on 'denial island' for a long time." When seeing the disproportionate amount of individuals affected by Alzheimer's in the Hispanic community, Liz changed her stance.

I thought, 'No, the right thing to do is to spread the message."  I have to do this in honor of my mother.

In addition, Liz wanted to see purpose in the heartache she and her family continue to experience.

I thought if I don't speak up, all the hurt and all the pain and anguish I have felt, it goes in vain.

If I can help another family avoid some of the hardships ...please go on  Look at the warning signs and share them with your friends. Don't just assume that it never going to happen to you. I think that was one of the most naive things I've ever done in my life—assuming that something like this wouldn't happen to my family. Liz also offered that one thing she wants to tell others struggling with this disease.

"Focus on what they still have."

Sharing that she, like so many, began this journey by only thinking about the losses.  As her family moved through caring for her mom, she learned to relish what remained. Check out some of the videos of Liz from her new project, WORDAFUL.  Through this new YOU TUBE channel, Liz is strengthening, empowering, and inspiring others—one word at a time! You can also follow Liz on Twitter @lizhernandez




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