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May 27, 2019

As caregivers, we need to lighten up's just a fact. We often daily see  serious, painful, and heartbreaking things, and we certainly cry enough tears ...but do we laugh? Sadly, many of us don't ...and won't without a bit of help.

I've always loved stand up comics, and one of my favorites is Jeff Allen. From the moment I heard his voice, delivery, and act ...I was hooked!  He's on a new tour right now ...and I highly recommend you catching his show at a venue near you!  

Jeff called the show, shared his story and his philosophy of humor and life! 

As caregivers, we serve ourselves well to not wait for a "accidental" laugh, but to intentionally engage in things that can lighten our hearts. For me, it's stand up comics, funny movies, books, and shows. Along the way, those regular moments of laughter help me better shift the challenges I face so that they don't seem so crushing at times.

This doesn't just apply to me, however. Gracie loves to laugh ...and I love making her laugh. 

How about you?