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Jul 20, 2019

A show FOR caregivers.

ABOUT caregivers. 

HOSTED by a caregiver.

With millions putting themselves between a vulnerable loved one and even worse disaster, the family caregiver continues to be an "at risk" individual. Not just physically and emotionally, but financial risk looms for caregivers, as well. 

It's not enough to say,"take care of yourself."  Caregivers need require regular, specific, and clear reminders of what HOPE for the caregiver looks like. 

Peter Rosenberger brings 33 years of experience as a caregiver through a medical nightmare that includes 80 surgeries, multiple amputations, and nearly $11 million in medical costs. Hope for the Caregiver is the nation's #1 show for family caregivers and is committed to strengthening those who care for the weakest among us.