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Have You Hugged Your CPA Today?

Mar 16, 2014

I wrote an articled with that title a while back, and I do love CPA's ...and I recommend that every caregiver have a CPA that helps them with the MASSIVE challenges of keeping up with finances, financial planning, budgets, taxes, and so forth.Today's guest is a novelty for me:  a CPA running for political office.  (Maybe our country wouldn't have a $17 trillion debt if more CPA's were in political office!)My friend, Sen. Kerry Roberts shares his thoughts on this, plus we get him talking about another passion of his:  Bicycles!All this and "Moments With Gracie," ...and a smattering of comments and music from "The Sultan of Sound:  John Butler!" Help Standing With Hope continue providing these podcasts for free as well as supporting our work with amputees in Ghana: Standing With Hope provides mobility through giving of artificial limbs...and ministry by pointing others to Christ.   Please consider becoming a regular supporter of this work.