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May 18, 2015

 1st time listener recently called in to share her struggles with guilt regarding caring for her mother suffering from Alzheimer's.  Guilt is one of the most difficult things that trouble caregivers.  We're putting ourselves between a loved one and disaster, and yet we often feel we don't do enough.  How much is enough?  How much time are we required to give?  How much money? How much work?When others ask about our loved one, we often feel guilty in even discussing the issue.We put unreasonable expectations upon ourselves when caring for a suffering loved one.  My prayer and hope for myself and fellow caregivers is that we NOT one day stand over a grave and slap ourselves around by saying, "We should have ..."We do the best we can.  When we make mistakes, we ask for the courage to make amends.  Let's leave the past where it is, do our best today, and trust God for tomorrow.  Caregivers will find comfort, encouragement, and a kindred spirit in Peter Rosenberger’s grace filled, yet practical guide for those who care for vulnerable loved ones. It is a special fraternity that only those who are in it …can understand the heartache, challenges, weariness, and loneliness.  Into those troubled waters, Peter Rosenberger wades in on offers his three decades of experience as a lifeline to fellow caregivers. Available where books are sold. Book Peter at your next event.