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Jun 26, 2020

Did you know that you can recycle prosthetic limbs? 

Until my wife, Gracie, lost both of her legs ... we didn't realize that the components, feet, knees, pylons, adapters, screws, prosthetic socks, belts, and other related items for prosthetic limbs could be recycled. 

When Gracie and I launched STANDING WITH HOPE in Ghana, we set about collecting used prosthetic limbs from prosthetists, funeral homes, families of amputees, and even some of Gracie's former limbs. I used to sit in our den surrounded by used prosthetic limbs and disassemble those devices late into the evening.  Then, I'd box all the parts in good working order ...and ship them to Ghana, or stuff them in our suitcases to take over during our trips. 

Eventually, the task grew to great to manage, and we found an unusual partner to help us recycle these devices. Listen to Gracie discuss this ...and please share this with as many as you can. The more prosthetic limbs we recycle ...the more people we can help walk! 

Peter Rosenberger