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May 29, 2018

As caregivers, we have to sleep in uncomfortable places. The sofa, a chair, the floor ...and all of those could be in a hospital.  I recently saw these pillows stacked up on a dirty laundry container in the ICU of a hospital. 

I'm sure that they will all receive clean pillow cases, but tell me how you feel about that picture. Do you want to sleep on one of those?  Do you want your loved one to sleep on one of those?

We'd love to bring our own pillows from home, but hospitals have lots of things that can get on your pillow.  If only there was a wonderful pillow that you could WASH and DRY ...without it losing it's shape.

Peter and Mike Lindell, founder of 

Well ...there is.  800-946-2379

  • 10 year warranty/guaranteed not to go flat
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Patented interlocking fill that adjusts to your individual sleep needs
  • Washable/dryable
  • USA/Minnesota made

ENTER Promo Code:  CAREGIVER and get 50% off the four pack which includes two travel anywhere pillows.