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Feb 18, 2024

People become disoriented in the journey of caregiving.

Caregivers often think,

"Okay, if I could get them to stop acting like this, if I could just get through this next procedure; if we could just see if we could stop this particular thing from happening, then we can have the contentment and the peace and the satisfaction or the stability that we're craving."

How's that working for you?

How's that working for any of us?

It's like we have this stick out in front of us, dangling this carrot of things going how we want them to be, but we can never get to it.

And we're constantly striving for that because we see it.

And if it would just be this way, we'd be okay.

But see, that's the kind of thing promulgated in our society.

That is the conventional wisdom of this world.

"Get What You Want, Get What You Think You Need, and You Can Be Settled in Your Spirit, and You Can Be Happy, You Can Be Content."

That is in direct opposition to what Scripture teaches.