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Mar 1, 2024

For several years, Pat Montague has produced my broadcast, Hope for the Caregiver.  I recently talked with her about her own journey as a caregiver.

“I have learned that leaning on the Lord for whatever he has in store is much more comfortable than resisting, fighting, and railing against what I don't like.

I would have not chosen amputation for my husband, I'll be honest. He had other options that he could have taken, but I was astounded when he made that decision.I didn't agree with it at the time. Now I certainly do.

But leaning into the Lord and saying, Father, whatever you have, I will submit myself to it.

Being willing to do that makes a huge difference in how things come out because they're not the same thing.

You can rail and fight, and you're not going to change your perspective.

You're not going to change your circumstances for any amount of money.

And so yielding and just saying, Lord, have your way and help me to accept it have been huge lessons for me.

And it has not come easy because, yes, I've always known I had that part of my personality that I was willing to go toe-to-toe when I knew I was right.”