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May 26, 2020

The time is NOW for caregivers to rethink how we give care.

You've seen the headlines. 

These incidents are just from the last week. 

I invited Mark Gray of Constant Companion to come on the show to discuss how their secure, affordable, reliable, and easy to use new product can provide family caregivers the connection, support, and assistance so desperately needed. 

  • Imagine a parent at the end of her rope ...caring for a special needs child, getting a daily phone call from a caring person ...breaking through the isolation and checking in on that stressed mom.  What kind of difference do you think that would make?
  • Imagine going to the grocery store in peace ...while knowing a sentry was on duty for your aging loved one?  Being able to look at them on your phone ...from anywhere?  Talking to them at any time ...from anywhere ...even if the power goes out?
  • Imagine being able to safely monitor your loved one in an assisted facility ...even during the quarantine?
  • Imagine a system that guaranteed your privacy so much, it provides a $1,000,000 guarantee?

These and so much more services are just one click away for you as a caregiver. 

I've tested this out in my home ...and the time is NOW for caregivers to rethink how we give care.  With 92 percent of people stating they want to age in their own home, caregivers face a daunting challenge. As the COVID-19 has made us reevaluate placing loved ones in assisted living, we need to "Care give ...smarter." 

Listen to my conversation with Mark, and check out the website:

Use the PROMO CODE:  Caregiver for a special discount. 


Peter Rosenberger is the host of the nationally syndicated program, HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER. For more than 34 years, he's cared for his wife, Gracie, who lives with severe disabilities. (80+ surgeries, multiple amputations)

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